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All error has been fixed!!! GetSub | Updated!!! v2.0.17 (Request Updated!)
Auto Friend Request tool helps you to get unlimited request in 1 click
The waiting time was set to 10 minutes.
Follow Limit Updated 70+ !
Maximum of 150.000 submissions per account per week
Please subscribe to the VIP tracking service, increasing your tracking number quickly, Contact and Negotiate

Method Login to GetSub

We use Access Token Based Authentication. Token is a Private KEY generated by facebook that we needed to be able giving free Followers. Follow few steps below to get your own Access Token and you can use your Access Token to login to our Website.

Note 1: After getting 1000 request, your requests will stop increasing. Only followers will increase.
Note 2: Your Facebook Followers Setting Must Be Everyone.
Note 3: Your token is highlighted by us. Click Here
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Click Here Enter account and GET TOKEN. Return to Homepage and enter token

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